Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dancing with god

without time and space as barriers, He has shown you the way…
take my hand He says,
close your eyes and listen to the music…
it’s vibration is distinct
recognizable by those who truly wait upon the Lord
know Him, trust Him, believe! that’s how you do it
if you can imagine, it can and will be done
floating? lead by the masters direction
truth about the universe is yours for the asking…
what are you waiting for?
it is yours, so why not take the first step?
who needs roads?
the map has stood the test of time as we know it
suspended by the principles of life
we can travel to far and what seems to be distant lands?
or places or what ever you want to call it
we are defined by truth
not what people say, have said
what has been
what will be
by someone else’s definition?
ask and it shall be given… the wisdom of God
He promised it, He delivered it, wake up!
take Him at His word, it’s what He has been waiting for
the observer in us tells us this just can’t be
it’s not according to the way it has been done before
that’s the problem
we get in our own way
stumble over our own feet